Saturday, December 13, 2014

"F.B.I. Hilarious, Fools Bureau of Investigations" Daryl Acumen replied to Ryion Butcher 07.22.2011

Question is, Daryl Acumen already made fools out of  Davis County, Bountiful & American Fork Utah, will he make fools of the F.B.I. 

Racist emails from the so called VICTIMS:

Ryion B. "I'm going to take down your spic company Andy"

Kyle C. emailed "Yo no specko spanisho or eat burritos"

Chris E. "Hey Andy & his new mexiCan attorney look like twins lol"   

On 12/13/14 watch connected court videos 08/07/13 Judge "You have never filed motions in this court" & then 02/11/14 Julie Gorge finally hands Judge Andy's motions: Judge "looks like the motion to dismiss has already been filed I am unaware" & Judge "Oh these file motions are old" connecting the dots @:

Davis county will NOT give court video only audio at orders of prosecutor Masta Lyon.

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In the name of Jesus Christ King of Kings, Lord of Lords Thank You God, Amen